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So Much More

.Lena - 16 - Germany

"Wir machen lächerliche Scherze über das, was uns weh tut. Nur damit niemand merkt, wie verletzt wir eigentlich sind.
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What he wants to hear: I want just sex with you
What I want to say: I wanna make love with you forever

I’m so scared to get hurt again.

“es fühlt sich falsch an, aber irgendwie auch gut.”

Frittenbude (via blauegauloises)

“Find the one you can be yourself in front of and say absolutely anything, you can laugh, you can cry, you can hug, you can fight with him & then make up at the end of the night & he would still be crazy about you.”

Daily Relatable Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)

“Man verbietet sich Schwäche zu zeigen.”

Grey’s Anatomy (via meeresregen)

“Du willst den Schmerz ignorieren, du willst viel stärker sein”

Tim Bendzko (via egal-schillerwardichter)

When my friends start saying something embarrassing about me in front of my crush